BRAVO Group Completes Strategic Merger Transaction

BRAVO Group Completes Strategic Merger Transaction with Skyline Engineering

Exciting news for BRAVO Group and BRAVO clients. Skyline Engineering joins the family as a BRAVO Company. To better serve our mission of bringing businesses and people together to provide cross-disciplinary solutions for our community and our clients, BRAVO expanded its interest in industry recognized Skyline Engineering. This merger increases BRAVO’s resources to provide additional diverse services to clients looking for more than simple project execution.

Skyline Engineering’s divisions provide design, inspection, commissioning, and materials testing developed over the course of more than 30 years of engineering for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design services as well as civil engineering. This merger also provides BRAVO with direct access to Skyline Engineering’s high technology materials testing laboratory adding a new dimension to our roster of services. This merger fortifies BRAVO’s dedication to continuing to deliver projects that have clients experience excellence through diversity. BRAVO’s genuine excitement for what the future holds continues to expand as we provide first-rate services across all our lines of business adding value to any project.

Ehab Shehata, President and CEO of BRAVO Group, added “As a person who puts their full commitment into my industry and my community through BRAVO Group, I recognized that Skyline Engineering had values similar to BRAVO. For some time now I have wanted to add more depth and diversity to the company to provide a full service of architecture, engineering, design, construction management, and more. Skyline Engineering became the perfect chapter to add to the growing book of BRAVO. What attracted me was their level of energy and excitement towards serving the community and clients to the best of their ability. This is exactly what BRAVO is about and Skyline’s energy echoes the original idea of what BRAVO stands for. As a entrepreneur, I want to continue strengthening the idea of putting your whole heart and mind into everything you do in order to achieve your goals. This is the next step in demonstrating to all emerging entrepreneurs that anything you want to achieve is within your ability to succeed.”

Matthew Wavro, Founder & Managing Partner of Skyline Engineering, added “We are very proud to be bringing an additional three divisions of services to BRAVO. This merger will
create a sizable company able to complete much larger projects in both the public and private sectors. This presents a wonderful opportunity for the entire firm to grow as a whole and provide services to the largest most prestigious projects not only in NYC but the New York Metropolitan area.”

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