Skyline Design is a division of Skyline Engineering, specializing in professional engineering design services. Since 1989, our expert staff has worked with a broad client base to deliver projects on time, on budget and beyond client expectations. We are a multi-discipline firm specializing in mechanical, electrical, structural, fire alarm, plumbing and fire protection engineering services. Our clients range from architects and developers to building owners and managers for projects including office buildings, residential buildings, schools, nursing homes, and health care facilities.



Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Central Heating and Cooling plants
Advanced Technologies (Radiant Heating and Cooling, Under Floor Air Distribution, Displacement Ventilation)
Geothermal Heat Exchange Systems
Fuel Oil Storage and Distribution
VRF Systems
Energy Recovery Ventilation
Smoke Control/Exhaust
Hospital & Laboratory Exhaust and Supply Systems
Building Automation Systems and Controls
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Building Energy Code Services (Comcheck)
Passive House Design
BMS System design and Sequence of Operations Validation



Service and Distribution
Emergency/Standby Power Systems
Equipment Selection Connections
Lighting and Power Circuiting
Lighting Design
Lighting Controls
Grounding/Lightning Protection
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Mission Critical Infrastructure and Distribution
ARCS System Design
Fire Alarm
Life Safety Systems Testing and Evaluation
AV/Tele Communication
Renewable Energy Technologies
Building Energy Code Services (Comcheck)
Short Circuit Coordination and Arc Flash Study
Metering and submetering system design



Domestic Water
Drainage Waste and Vent
Storm Drainage and Detention Systems
Site Storm and Sanitary Sewer Design DEP Application
Water Conservation and Recovery (Gray Water)
Rain Water Harvesting
Commercial Kitchen Systems
Natural Gas and Propane
Laboratory/Hospital/Clinical Piped Services


Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
Dry and Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Standpipe Systems
Fire Water Storage
Fire Pumps
Temporary Dry Standpipe Design
Foam Systems



Building Systems Evaluation and Feasibility Studies
Condition Surveys and Assessment
Energy Performance Evaluation
Design Peer Review
Code Compliance Evaluation
Load, Demand and Capacity Analysis
Cogeneration design
Enterprise Green Communities Compliance
LEED Design



Cast-In Place Concrete
Structural Steel
Wind and Seismic Analysis
Seismic Upgrades and Retrofitting
High Rise Structures
Timber, Masonry, and Cold-Formed Steel Construction
Renovations, Alterations, and Extensions
Deep and Shallow Foundations
Retaining Walls
Feasibility Studies
Structural Due Diligence
Structural Repair and Reinforcement
Rooftop Dunnage
Canopies and Overhangs
Support for Mechanical Equipment
Steel Connection Design


The Skyline Design team has a reputation and performance that truly sets us apart from other engineering firms. We have immediate openings for bright and assertive candidates to join our team. We are looking for candidates that place an emphasis on developing quality work with an eye on career growth and diversification. If you wish to take on a challenging career by joining our team please email your resume to

To be successful, candidates must have excellent technical skills ,strong communication and interpersonal skills. We offer excellent compensation, benefits package, bonus and incentive program for superior performance.

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