Commissioning is process that validates facility infrastructure design, installation and performance. We perform standalone commissioning projects for commercial office space, critical systems, and as required by the NYC Energy Code in conjunction with Special Inspection Requirements.

At skyline, our perspective of commissioning parallels the entire facility life cycle, as depicted in the facility life cycle graphic below. This model encompasses not only the testing activities of the construction installation phase of a project, but starts in the design phase, continues into beneficial use and does not end until the facility has exhausted useful life and is ready for retrofit. Considering this view, it is our philosophy that varying levels of engineering expertise are crucial on behalf of the Owner to ensure systems are designed, installed, tested, documented, operated and maintained in such a way that meet the needs of the Owner.

In a world of ever evolving technologies and innovations that are pushing the boundaries of utilization, resiliency and efficiency, Skyline Engineering is considered a technical advocate for your facility throughout its life cycle. We will help to ensure that your expectations are defined and realized from Design, through Project Close Out by not only ensuring that systems are tested properly, but that the most effective and efficient processes are used to work towards having the project team deliver the best results possible – on time and on budget. Read less